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About Us

About European Federation of Robotics:

The European Federation of Robotics (Robofed) is a professional non-profit organization established in Oslo, Norway (Reg. No. 914 425 956) and Copenhagen, Denmark (Reg: dk31178878) to promote, strengthen and protect the robotics industry worldwide. Since 2011, The European Federation of Robotics, together with it's European partners, Blue Robot , Bichip, CFS, Bezh and DKNI, has created a hightech joint venture.

The purpose of the European Federation of Robotics is to promote research, development and inventions in the entire field of robotics, industrial robots as well as service robots with the focus on iot humanoids. The Robofed is also coordinator of the annual European Symposium on Robotics and European Robot House Project, one of the biggest open source robotic research and foundations with over 7000 members in European Union.